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Friday, 21 June 2013

Everyone stuck to plans and helped each other: Ishant sharma


Congratulations. Do you think you bowled the best in the tournament so far? Are you surprised there was so much seam and movement? 

Well, I think I've been bowling well even as a good seam, right fielder, I think I bowled really well, and I was in good rhythm. I think I'm really confident in carrying through that momentum into the Champions Trophy as well.  (Also Read: India vs Srilanka: ICC Champions Trophy 2013 - Report)
The wicket bounced?
I think, obviously, initially there was something for the fast bowlers, and when I came to the second spell there, the wicket got flat. It was coming two throughout the bat, to the bat. So I think it was really good in the second half.  (Also Read: India vs Srilanka: ICC Champions Trophy 2013 - Statistical Highlights)
It seemed to be a very comfortable wicket, and the fact that in the second inning also there was some help with the bowlers. Is that down to your batting excellence or how do you see that?
I think, you know, even the wicket is flat or if you're bowling and the conditions are helpful, if you're bowling into the good areas, so I think whatever is a good ball is a good bowl in any kind of flat. I think that's what we've been doing. As you can see, we have three different fast bowlers that we've been playing. So I think everyone stuck to their plan and helping each other out the way we can. So I think that's a good thing for us. (Also See: Images: India v Srilanka - ICC Champions Trophy 2013)
How does it feel to lead this bowling attack? Because Bhuvneshwar and Amit Mishra don't have the experience that you have, so how does it feel?
Well, I think it's a really good feeling, but at the moment, I don't feel like ‑‑ I don't even consider myself like I'm the experienced bowler, because as you can see, I just played 52 or 57 one dayers. So I think we're just helping each other out and doing work with the bowling coach. And we know now that the five fielders are in, so it's quite difficult for the bowler, so I think we'll keep working on our variations and everything, but I think it's going really well.
A lot of teams seem to be struggling against Malinga, but you guys seem to be playing him well. Why do you think that's so?
I think maybe our batsmen are very good.
Before this match, MS Dhoni at his press conference had said you are a very key bowler because in the middle overs you're able to get that extra bounce with your height. How important is it for you to have the backing of your team and your captain especially when the wickets are not coming your way as much as you would like?
Well, I think wickets are from the outsiders it's like if you're bowling in a good rhythm and you're hitting the landing the way you can, I think that's the main important for me. And obviously, the support in the team, and the support from the captain is very crucial for any turn, not only for me.
I think MS is always supporting every youngster in the team. So I think he's been tremendous with everyone. So I think what I can say about him is we are really pleased to have him on the side as a captain.
Could you talk about the length you bowled against Sanga especially, and Mahela? There seemed to be a plan, you were kind of making them play on the top, because you spoke about bowling the right bowling areas and bowling as a group. If you can talk about both?
Well, I think I don't have any -- we don't really stick to any plans, because the wicket was really helping for the fast ball. If you can see, there is some bounce and some movement for the fast bowlers. So I was just coming in hitting the lengths, maybe, you know, sometimes it just happens like some ball like you guard so you're not going to pitch every single ball in the same spot. So obviously there is a plan in every ball, so I think that's what's happening and that's maybe confusing them.
How much of a confidence is the fielding of the team for your bowling, especially the whole team? How does it feel?
I think it's really tremendous. I think if you have the kind of fielders we have at the moment on the team, I think everyone is charging up and everyone wants to have the ball in their hand when the ball comes. So I think everyone is charging up. I think it gives you really big confidence for every fast bowler, not only for me. So I think it's very good, and, yeah, we'll keep working hard on our fielding and in every department, so, yeah, we're getting better.
Can you just sum up, what does it mean to the team to reach the final, and what do you expect to face from England in the final?
Well, I think we've played quite good cricket until now. I don't think we have to change anything. We'll stick to the plans and we'll stick to our strengths and what we did before, I think we just carry on doing the same thing in the finals.
You've beaten nearly every team including in warm‑up matches with five wins, and you come against England. Do you see them as the biggest batting threat, as a bowler?
I don't think so. You know, if you are, as I told you, if you're bowling into the good areas, no batsmen can be challenge for you. So I think that's what we've been doing in the last five games and we're going to do the same thing in the finals as well.

source: icc-cricket.com


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