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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dhoni has Backed me all the time: Ravindra Jadeja

The only sign of discomfort in Ravindra Jadeja's 'performance' on Tuesday was answering questions in English. The International Cricket Council's 'mandatory' requirement left Jadeja in a 'spin' but he still managed to express himself.

"Hindi mein pucho na? (Why don't you ask questions in Hindi?)" Jadeja told Indian reporters, but since it's an ICC rule, he could ill afford to 'break' the rules. Like his bowling, the 24-year-old Jadeja did a pretty neat job.

The conditions were somewhat for the pacers when you look at it. How did you convert it into a pitch which could help your spin? 

I think the wicket was a bit slow, so if you bowl slow, you're getting turns. But I was just trying to bowl slow in the air, and, yes, I was getting turn. So trying not to bowl outside the off stump, and not outside the leg stump. I just kept on a straight line.
How would you rank these bowling performances among all your international matches?
I think this is one of my best bowling performances, I can say that, because I got three times four-wickets in my career. So this is the first time I got five wickets, so I'm very happy. I'm very happy that I got five wickets. So this is one of my best performances in ODI cricket.
Are you under any pressure because West Indies had big hitters like Pollard and their other batsmen?
No, I was not thinking about the batsmen particularly; I was just thinking of the way I'm going to bowl and what is my situation, what is my role in the team, and what the wicket was doing. So I was just trying to bowl, as I said, just in right areas. So it was not easy to get any easy runs for new batsmen.
The team has been playing very well, including the practice matches where you have won four back‑to‑back matches. Considering the controversy, and difficult time pressure, how is the team bonding, the young and experienced team, bonding and playing so well? What is the recipe for this success?
I think everybody is doing their own job. The batsmen are scoring runs, bowlers are taking wickets, and fielders are doing a very good job on the field. So I think we have a very good balanced side. I can say that. Particularly we are getting very good first 10 to 15 over start by the openers, both the openers, Rohit and Shikhar, so that is a good sign for us for the crucial games.
How are you motivating yourself?
Yeah, I just you know before the match I just watched my videos. I would just watch my videos yesterday as well, and just trying to get my best on the field.
Coming to England in June, you would have probably not expected such wickets. Have you been surprised by how the wickets have been so dry?
I think, yeah. We played two practice games, one game in Birmingham, and then in that match the wicket was also a bit slow and a turner. So, yeah, we played against South Africa and the second the ball was turning and here as well. So just my thinking was like that. I was just trying to bowling slow in there rather than the others and for India. So, just it was helping me, and I was getting a slow turn from the wicket. It's not that easy to go after the bowler.
Have you been surprised at how the wickets have been?
No, no, no, because I played again in England in 2011 on this ground and the wicket was the same, so I'm not surprised.
Dhoni seems to look like he ‑‑
I'm sorry?
I'm saying that Dhoni, he seems -- he always bats the players that he has trusted, and he's won by his instincts. So probably you and Rohit are certainly among the kind of players that he places a lot of trust in. Can you just talk to the kind of relationship that you share with him, what goes on when you kind of --?
 I can say that he has a very good cricketing brain. So he can read a person’s cricket, I believe, very well. That's why he can back me all the time in batting and bowling. I was just trying to give my best whenever I get the opportunity. Whenever I get a chance to bat, whenever I get a chance to bowl, just trying my best, that's it.
You've played South Africa; you've played the West Indies. They have a shoot-out, as my colleague described it, to decide who goes into the next round. Could you assess for us the relative strengths and weaknesses of the teams and how you think that particular match will go?
Against South Africa?
Against West Indies?
Yeah, we don't care about the other games. We're just trying to focus on our game. We are taking a game at a time. We don't care. We don't bother about other games. So if we are winning, then we are improved, that's it. That's what we are thinking right now.

source: icc-cricket.com


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