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Monday, 17 June 2013

Bhuvneshwar Kumar enjoying bowling in English conditions

Indian paceman feels the ball hasn't swung as much as in India but the pitches have been offering a lot more bounce

You've been getting wickets up front, moving the ball very well. My first question is how are you enjoying the English conditions because you can move the ball both ways, and the fact that you got wickets early, and what was your mindset going into the Pakistan match?
I'm pretty much enjoying it here because I always want to pitch up in England because the ball really swings here. I'm enjoying here because ball is swinging, so we look to take the initial wickets because that puts the opposition the pressure. (India vs Pakistan: ICC Champions Trophy 2013 - Report)

Kumar, you really like bowling against Pakistani batsmen, don't you, so what is it like? Can't they sort of face your swing bowling or what, because even in India you took a few wickets? 
It's not that I love to bowl against Pakistan. I have taken most of the wickets against Pakistan, so maybe that's just a coincidence. I don't know. (India vs Pakistan: ICC Champions Trophy 2013 - Statistical Highlights)

Kumar, in your planning what challenge do the Pakistani batsmen pose? 
Actually if ball does not swing in any condition, they might just come off the use so it's a situation you need to work on, just to contain the batsmen, take the wickets. It's not against Pakistan, it's against every team.

Has the ball swung as much as it did back in India? Given the conditions, do you think the ball as per your expectation it hasn't swung as much? 
Actually it didn't swing as much as in India, but yeah, there's more bounce in the wicket because maybe it's not swinging because we're playing back‑to‑back matches on the same wickets, but there is more bounce in the wicket.

What does Dhoni as the captain bring to you? How does he inspire you? 
Actually he's an old‑school and calm captain; he just wants you do your best, just forget about anything else, what happened in the past or previous matches, just do your best in this present match.

This is a very young team, and this is just about the starting place for you. What does a tournament like this, winning three matches and being the favorites for the tournament title now, what does it mean to you at this stage? Can you just go through and explain ‑‑ 
Actually it's not about a big or small tournament, it's about representing your country. If you represent your country you always feel proud, you always want to do your best. Obviously it's a big tournament and it's a young team, so we understand that. We are into the semis now, so everyone is looking to win the tournament now.

Would you say India are favorites for this tournament now? You're the only team that's won three in a row and are obviously a team in form. 
I mean, if any team does well obviously they are favourites, but now the thing is if we have to keep carrying the same amount of momentum, we got from those lead matches.

The Indian fielding seemed very special today; everybody was alert. What do you put that down to? Obviously it's quite a young side as one of my colleagues has said previously. What do you put the fielding down to?
The fielding is one of the important parts of anything; if you get one run out of it or two catches it could change the course of the match, so obviously Virat is a good fielder, even the bowlers, myself, Ishant and Umesh is working hard on the fielding.

source: icc-cricket.com


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