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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Unpredictability India’s strength - Coach Duncan Fletcher


England’s heartbreaking loss to Sri Lanka notwithstanding, MS Dhoni believes Alastair Cook’s team remains a stern opponent in the English conditions. Extending his support to his English counterpart, the Indian skipper refused to take the battered hosts lightly on the basis of the last-over series defeat against the Lankans. (Useful Links: MS Dhoni Address the media conference ahead of England Tour)

“It’s not about what has happened to them in their last series. When we assess the England team as opposition, we see a fantastic side, which means it will be a tough competition,” Dhoni said ahead of India’s first warm-up match in Leicester. “They know their home conditions well and it’s a pretty long series for us as well. Playing five Test matches in England is entirely new for us.”
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Cook has been copping criticism from all quarters owing to his team’s defeats and his own poor run with the bat. Dhoni, who is no stranger to being under the scanner, emphasized with the England skipper.

“It’s important for the media to remember what they said about him the last time we were here and how he performed,” Dhoni said. “Everyone has a bad phase and it’s at that time that they need the backing. Everyone is on your side when you’re winning and scoring those big hundreds. But the real test of character of the fans, media and team mates is if they support you when you’re not doing well.”

Going back to his own team, Dhoni was pleased with the way the first four days of the tour have gone, weather and facility wise. On a long and challenging tour, the skipper takes solace in the fact that his team will not be out of support in this country.

“All over England we have a big fan following. In the Champions Trophy final, we had more support than the England team,” the Indian skipper quipped. “The facilities have been really great, which matters a lot. The weather had been very kind in the three-four days we’ve been here, which means we have been able to achieve what we wanted to in the first four days. With the practice game starting tomorrow, we want to make the most of our preparation time.” The skipper said.

Coach, Duncan Fletcher, agreed: “We want all our players to have some sort of match practice going into the first Test,” he said. “We are pretty sure what the side is going to be but if we have any injury, like we did the last time when we were here, we want all the players to be ready if they’re called upon.”

Taking about his own experience of coaching Team India to two Test series defeats against England, Fletcher said his main job was to develop the cricketers and make them the match-winners. “Everyone, coaches and players, go through the ups and downs. As a coach your main aim is to help the players, take them forward and develop them. If a result comes out of it, it’s great.”

Speaking of the importance of the relationship between the coach and the captain, Fletcher said, “Cricket is a difficult game to lead because here the coach doesn’t have as much say as he does in other sports. It is the captain’s side but he needs the support of the coach. If you don’t have that support, the coach and the captain will start doubting each other and when that happens, you’re going to run into a huge problem. If you believe in the strategies you have put together and trust each other, it becomes easier.”

The former England coach denied having a special motivation of winning on the English shores, defeating his previous team. “Every Test series you play is very important because you’ll be judged on the basis of the last Test series that you’ve played.”

He was also hopeful of his young team converting their weakness into their strength. “Without making excuses, this is a very, very inexperienced side. But it’s nice sometimes because it brings in that factor of unpredictability. They could play some exciting cricket and there are many players in this group who will go on to become very good cricketer for India,” Fletcher said. 

source: bcci.tv


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